Spring has Sprung!

Hello everyone!

Again I apologize for the lack of updates this semester. I guess with cabin fever followed immediately by spring fever, it’s hard to get motivated.

Anyway, things have been moving along here in Chicago. The birds are chirping, the leaves are green on the trees and everyone is out walking and jogging by the lakeshore. Spring has definitely sprung here in the windy city. Not only spring, but some summer like temps too. Last week O’Hare airport reported 90 degree temps! I’m loving it.

Along with this season comes graduations. This year I will attend 4 of them. The first was CTU graduation ceremony last Thursday night, where a Norbertine confrere from India, Fr. John Nellevelil, with whom I live, received his D.Min. degree (Doctor of Ministry) in Spirituality. Then I just returned from a weekend in De Pere to attend the Commencement ceremony at St. Norbert College. On Saturday chances are I will tend the Notre Dame Academy graduation, and then I will concede the season with my own sister’s graduation from West De Pere High School. It will definitey be A LOT of sitting in the next few weeks.

Yes, that’s right folks, you read this correctly, if I’m going to be to NDA and WDP graduation, that means I will be home. I’m concluding the year here in Chicago on Friday. Then I will return to St. Norbert Abbey with my classmate for the next 15 months! In that time I will be taking philosophy classes at St.  Norbert College, doing some ministerial work in the area and enjoying life at the abbey with the community of men there. I’m definitely looking forward to being home again.

So, sorry that this is a short update, but look for me around De Pere soon.

In St. Norbert,

frater Brad

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