2011: A New Year, A New Abbey, A New Dislike for Traveling

Happy New Year!

Sorry it’s been a while. We spent the last few weeks in De Pere at St. Norbert Abbey studying our Order’s Constitutions and enjoying a Christmas Break back at home.
But now we are in Philly! We have come to Daylesford Abbey in Paoli, Pennsylvania for some classes on the History of the Order, Liturgy and Prayer. Daylesford Abbey is quite impressive. Much different than St. Norbert Abbey but still very nice. I will be sure to take a lot of pictures, but I don’t know if I will be able to upload them right away or not so you may have to wait until we get back to Chicago in Feb.
Daylesford’s website is www.daylesford.org if you want to check out the pictures on there.
As far as traveling goes, it was quite the hassel. We arrived at the airport around 9:00 for our 10:05 flight. According to Fr. Komatz that is usually enough time. Midway airport is not nearly as busy as O’Hare,  however, because of the day after the holiday, I would imagine that delayed flights from Saturday were being serviced yesterday.
At any rate, the line for the baggage check was a two hour line!!! I have never seen so many angry people in my life. It was rediculous. We wrapped around Midway airport lobby twice before even entering the roped off queue line! Needless to say we missed our flight (along with about 500 other people)
So we were put on stand-by and tried to board the 1:55 flight. No luck. There was only one seat available and neither of us wanted to fly alone. So we were put on stand-by again for the 4:20 flight. Thankfully that flight wasn’t full and we were able to board the plane. So we finally arrived in Philly at 7:25 when we were supposed to arrive at 1:00.
I love spending all day in an airport. (Please note my sarcasm) Needless to say I have my fill of people watching for some time.
We just had our first class on the history of the Order. And at 2:00 we get a tour of the abbey. 

We are also going to take a trip into Philly next week and visit the Norbertine sponsored school called Archmere Academy. It’s a school sister to Notre Dame Academy. The Norbertines also run a homeless shelter in Downtown Philly which we will be visiting, so I will be seeing poverty first hand. BUT don’t worry!!! SNC students go out to that shelter every January so it is still relatively safe.
So I think that is enough of an adventure for you to enjoy and I haven’t been in Philly for 24 hours yet! Hopefully I will write soon! 



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