Picture Perfect


So thanks to the generosity of my parents, I received a care package the other day. Not only were there treats (that we all enjoyed for dessert last night) but there was also a very nice camera!!! So, I thought I would test it out around the house. Here are some pictures of where I have been living for the past few months. Enjoy!

The back of Holy Spirit House of Studies. Originally built in 1906 by the Hoover family...the vacuum people 😉

The Carriage House. A very large garage, with the original turntable inside with a 3 bedroom apartment upstairs.


Formal dining room.

Dining room fireplace

Chandelier in the dining room

Leaded door from dining room into sitting room

Sitting room fireplace

Close up of fireplace

Front Door

First floor window.

Main Staircase. First floor.

Glass window between first and second floors.

My room

A great window in my room.

The fireplace in my room.

Window between second and third floors.

At the top of the main staircase looking down to first floor.

Spanish Classroom



Fall Chapel decorations

Eucharistic Chapel / Meditation Space

the Corpus

3 responses to “Picture Perfect

  1. Hi Frater Brad,
    Well according to your pictures you are not roughing it very much. What a nice place you have and thanks for sharing the pictures. Now I feel like I know where you are so much better than I did before. I love your blog and look forward to reading all about what you are doing.
    Things here are still the same. Not much going on of any interest. We are all just waiting for Fr. Tim to return. But we do hope he is having a relaxing, uneventful, stress free month.
    Glad to hear things are going well for you and we do think of you often. You are always brought up at our Thursday morning breakfasts. Of course you are also always in our prayers.
    Take care!!!

    Adopted Grandma Betty Van Dreel

    • Hi Brad
      Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. I was in the house when Daniel Maul was studying in Chicago but had forgotten just how beautiful it is. The camera from your parents was a really great gift.

      We have our confirmation retreat on November 14 and as we continue with preparation for the sacrament I really miss you and your presence during RE class. Prayers for you are ongoing as well as prayers for more vocations to the priesthood.

      Take Care Brad. Hope that our paths will cross soon.


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