A Beautiful Day for Some Football

Hi Everyone.

As Fall sneaks it’s way into Wisconsin and Illinois, my novitiate class and I got a chance to head up to North-eastern Wisconsin this past weekend. We began by taking an opportunity on Thursday afternoon to visit several places in the Southern Door Peninsula that were the foundation stones for the De Pere community. As we are reading Abbot Pennings’ letters back to Holland, he describes in detail the Peninsula and the places which they served. It was good to see these same churches standing today (although some are in bad shape). I even got a chance to walk through the house where Pennings and his confrers lived!

Thursday night we were able to head over to St. Norbert College and share in the Discernment Group meeting that was being held for the college students. It was quite an impressive group. Besides the 11 Norbertines that were there, there was also a Franciscan Sister and 7 college students interested in exploring a possible calling to religious life themselves. Keep all who are discerning in your prayers!

Friday was a nice leisurely day to take a walk on the beautiful Abbey grounds and to enjoy what Fall has to offer. (although it was sort of cold and rainy)

In contrast, Saturday was beautiful. Sunny and even a little too warm for late September if I dare to say that. As the new Schneider Football Field was being dedicated, a few Norbertines were able to go to the game to show our support. It was a wonderful time. The 4 novices, 3 Norbertine sisters from Slovakia, and 4 professed members of the community came out to show their support. Here are a few pictures from the game:

Frater James talks with Sr. Magdelena

Some Norbertines all in a row

Frater Jacob watching the game

Talking with the sisters. (This was their first experience of American Football, so I was trying to explain the game to them...as best I could, that is)

A candid shot talking with my brothers

As part of the game, a new Mascot was revealed to the community. Pictured left to right is Frater Jacob, Frater Bradley, Frater Matthew, Sir Norbert, Sr. Adriana, Sr. Magdelena, and Sr. Benedicta

After all of the excitement of the game on Saturday, we taught the sisters how to play a card game after dinner. They are card sharks! They all enjoyed the game, and none of them were in last place either. Tough competition.

On Sunday morning we were able to witness the new members of the Norbertine Volunteer Community be installed for this year of service. We also were able to hear the new Schola sing for the first time in the Abbey Church. It was beautiful! I’m very excited to hear such beautiful singing in that space. After lunch, we then headed back to Chicago.

All in all, a pretty eventful weekend. This week holds a 3 day retreat in Racine with our ICN group (see previous post). We will be talking about family systems and how we fit into that schema as religious.

I hope all of you are well! Keep praying for me, and I will do the same for you!

In St. Norbert,

Frater Brad

One response to “A Beautiful Day for Some Football

  1. Hi Brad,
    I sure am enjoying your blog. Father Tim had told us at breakfast this morning that you were in town last weekend. We always seem to bring you up in conversation at breakfast. As you are always on our mind and in our prayers.
    I loved the pictures and you look so happy. Glad to hear that all is going well.
    Take care.
    Love your adopted Grandma Betty

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