Remember Me

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I’ve been away for so long. Busy with school: writing papers, studying for tests, reading a TON! I can’t believe that the semester is over next week already! One more week of class and then one week of exams and then…..

a 3 week summer class 😦 Oh well, by the time I’m done with that summer class on June 4, I will have 20 credits of philosophy under my belt. Not too shabby for starting this semester with a whopping 4 credits. That means that in my second year of novitiate I will only need 10 more credits of philosophy to reach the prerequisite of 30 for Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.

Some new news regarding this whole Norbertine adventure I’m going on. I just received word that I’m being measured for my habit on June 3. I’m pretty pumped about it. For those of you who are wondering what the habit is, I like to think of it as an outward sign of my commitment to God and the community to which I belong. For Norbertines, the habit is a white tunic with a white scapular and a white elbow-length cape. In the latest Abbey magazine, Fr. Stephen Rossey wrote an article giving an explanation of the habit. Check it out! Along with the book of Constitutions for the Order and a Bible, I will be giving my habit on August 27. Pretty neat.

A while ago, I saw something while logging into this website to post a new reflection that struck me. I wanted to write about it for Good Friday but got too busy with school stuff. But it still applies now.

Dismus, the good thief in the Crucifixion account was very close to Christ as he was suffering on the cross. Not only is Dismus a good example for all of us because of his example of trust even in the face of despair, but also in his example of dependence on Christ in our time of need as well. By now you are probably wondering what on earth could have sparked this random account of thief hanging on a gnarly cross next to Jesus. Well, I’m sure most of you have seen this too when you’ve been logging into a website.

Remember Me.

Because the world is getting so much more technologically proficient and we now have so many passwords and user names to remember, how convenient it is to just be able to check a box next to the login button. We don’t have to worry about mixing up our umpteen passwords anymore!

Well, is it the same with Christ? Is that why Dismus was able to humbly ask Christ to remember him when he entered the Kingdom of Heaven? Is it that easy, as Christians, to just ‘check the box’ and Christ will remember us, too?

I would say both yes and no.

Christ has always, will always and is currently keeping His eye on us. He remembers everything we’ve done and knows everything we will do. So of course it is as easy as saying to Him that we want to be remembered in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Unlike the world wide web, however, we can’t just stop there. We must not get too comfortable with the fact that once we ask to be remembered we don’t have to do anything else. We must also work at being remembered. We, like Dismus, need to be examples to other people in the way we speak, act, and handle ourselves. If we want other’s to see that we are in favor with God, we must always be aware of what we are doing to send that message. As St. Francis of Assisi once said, we must “preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary use words.”

So please, the next time you see a little box somewhere on the information superhighway, please click it and remember that to be remembered, you must be an example unto others.


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