A Quick Thought on Holy Week

Today I had this reoccurring thought, so I thought that I would share it.

With this being the ‘high point’ in the Church year, many people get caught up in the ‘hype’ of it all and only think of the three Great Days, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.

However, these are not the only days of the week. Thus bringing me to this random thought…what were these other days like? What did Christ do on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday? There are accounts of His ‘whereabouts’ in the Gospel, and it helps to set the mood for the early part of the week.

And, what I’m currently pondering, and feel free to share if you feel so inclined, is what He was feeling. Being fully human and fully Divine, He had to know what was coming. He asks for it to pass in the garden after supper on Thursday, so you can’t tell me that he wasn’t thinking about it on Tuesday…

Can you imagine knowing that you are to be put to death in a few days? If it were me, I would try to run away or get out of the way of this fate. Fortunately for us, Jesus didn’t. He faced death head on and destroyed it forever!

As we enter these Holy Days, keep in mind that Jesus knew exactly what was happening and did it without question for you and for me, despite having a WHOLE week to think about it.


One response to “A Quick Thought on Holy Week

  1. I believe we can see Jesus’ focus on completing the course from the very beginning. His responses to Satan in the wilderness show Jesus not only knew Scripture (and its prophecies) but its conclusion. So, for over 3 years he knew the outcome. I am not only amazed at the restraint of the God portion, but the devotion and strength of the human portion. Good observation Brad!

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